Friday, July 9, 2010

veep, veep!

an official residence for the vp? helloooo!!!

but then again, why not?

if the veep has the temerity to demand for such? or the capriciousness to even think of such?

if the veep has this overwhelming desire to go down in history as the first in his position to ever have the gall to live in one?

if the veep is more than willing to draw the cost of maintenance not from the national coffers but from his own vice-presidential budget which i bet is way smaller than his oversized ego?

yeah, why the hell not?

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Friday, July 2, 2010

a brush with afro

the solution to stinking household chores is not the toughest germ-fighting, mold-busting, pardon the repetitiveness, solution. there's nothing like this unusually groovy afro brush to bring out the cool in the most uncool task.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010


they're only human alright. but they are photographed a zillion times and get paid a million times more than any average human so the least they can do is spare us the gross pics.

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the president and the pretenders


on his inauguration as the 15th president of the republic, president noynoy was surrounded by more than half a million supporters and more than a handful of pretenders...

#1. gma, on her last march as prez, pretended it was halloween. that should explain why the crowd kept boo-ing.

#2. gma pretended not to see p-noy's extended hand to assist her while going up and down the platform. she was, after all, a little girl no more. huh?

#3. binay pretended to be the president that he secretly wanted to be by accidentally being the last person to come up the stage. what protocol?

#4. ogie alcasid pretended to dance to his self-made noy jingle. the song is not danceable, fyi. it's not even singable.

#5. chief justice corona pretended not to hear the president when he railed about midnight appointees. why not, it could just be his alibi not to resign.

#6. erap pretended to be deaf when p-noy lambasted corruption in government. or maybe he was simply blind.

#7. the megastar pretended to like the queen-of-all-media-turned-presidential-sister in a big way. she must want her hubby to bag the senate presidency so badly.

ironically, it was kris, the showbiz aquino, who had no energy for charades that fateful day. no more james and their sham of a marriage. just a glum look on her face that even her brother's moment of glory could not erase.

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team edward

Edward Scissorhands girls t-shirt - Team Edward jr

i bet you twilight fans didn't know that way before edward cullen, there was edward scissorhands played by johnny depp. and he wasn't bad-looking either. ask winona ryder.

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